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    Located amid picturesque surroundings and green hills, Lonavala is a beautiful city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. One of the prime weekend getaways from the city of Mumbai, it is a favoured holiday spot for travellers who want some time away from the hustle and bustle. This place was discovered by Sir Elphinstone, former Governor General of Bombay, in the year 1811. According to historical records, Lonavala was ruled by the Yadavs, Mughals and Marathas, among others. The place is remembered for the famous Battle of Vadgaon, in which Mahadaji Shinde fought and defeated the British.

    Essentially a lush forest with a small population, Lonavala is a popular tourist spot, particularly among couples and honeymooners. Besides its scenic beauty, the town abounds in lakes, parks, viewpoints, caves and forts that sweep tourists off their feet. The facilities at this place are terrific, be it in terms of accommodation, transportation or restaurants. Well-connected to nearby cities, this west Maharashtrian city is an easy place to reach. Also, there is wide range of good hotels & resorts in Lonavala for visitors where tourist can feel the comfort of home.

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    it’s a BIG VACATIONS out there

    Imagica Theme Park

    At Imagica, there is something for everyone. Get flung high in air to delight the daredevil in you or pick from a carousel of breezy joy rides that are kid-friendly too.

    The Loopy Woopy, Boomerango, and Swirl Whirl are some popular rides at Imagica. And just in case you need a break from the adrenaline rush head to the gaming zone that has virtual reality games, a bowling alley, bumper cars, arcade games as well as a kids play area.

    The park also houses many restaurants serving an array of cuisines just in case hunger strikes.

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